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Why use FeedToBook.com?
Make a gift to you or make a gift to your friends
  Turn your blog into a book and reread everything you wrote, to rearrange the ideas and write notes about the pages. Give your printed blog to your friends or print the blog of your friends and give them making them feel a real writer!
Here some ideas for you.
Transform your favourite blog into a recipe book
  Always keep on hand your favourite guide for cooking. Just when you're cooking, see all the tricks to prepare delicious dishes!
Convert your favourite computer blog into a printed manual
  Turn your blog into a printed computer manual to keep on your desk in your office or at home near the computer, to be able to more easily refer it when you need it.
Printing the guide of your creative items for the home
  Order on paper their own blog on domestic chores and creativity which explains how to decorate the house.
Print your manual model
  Turn your blog into a textbook model to keep in their development lab always at hand, just as we are composing our little "art".
Turn your favourite film blog into a book
  Categorize the blogs you follow on paper with the best reviews of the best films in circulation at the cinema.
Create your own personal tour guide from a blog
  convert your blog travel reports written by tourists for use as a guide during your next trip or as a starting point for choosing your next destination.
Turn a blog into a book of fables and tales
  Print on paper the most comprehensive blog to read them fairy tales to your child at night to go to sleep, or to numb yourself.
Print your photo-blog turning into a picture-book
  It's nice to do a lot of photos during your holidays and it would be nice sharing them with friends on your blog: why not turn it into a book to leaf through the paper on Sunday afternoons when it is cold outside?
Print latest world news
  Make a fast personal newspaper to read in train or in metro returning home after thw work: you can read about what's happening all over the world reading always fresh news.
Make a small business book
  Make a small business book using many articles shared from your friends throughout the day and read them slowly, when you want.

Making your PDF Book