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Testimonials who use FeedToBook.com
Efficacemente - efficacemente.com
  Often I have asked my readers more easily printable version of the blog entries: feedtobook is an excellent solution.
Entra dentro Blog - entradentro.it
  I think that also offer their readers the PDF version of your blog is an important thing. I think FeedToBook.com can help in this. It was a long time I was looking for a service like this, I use FeedToBook.com willingly.
Le buone abitudini - lebuoneabitudini.com
  It 'a particular emotion to keep a blog in his hands encased in a book. Feedtobook a simple and ingenious idea that allows you to combine the love for books with the passion for the web. Its value goes beyond the cost of a "coffee".
Sandolo.net - www.sandolo.net
  FeedToBook.com is very handy and easy to use for a paper copy of your post. Periodically I use FeedToBook.com to keep a copy of my blog on the desk and read it from time to time. It 'a real fun for me! I think you should try it, you could use it for you or your readers.
Diario di Bordo - tangalor.blogspot.com
  It was a long time I was looking for a website like this: my idea was to create a paper book using Lulu.com and then give it to my friends and keep a copy on the shelf in my room. I was pleased when I tried it, it was exactly what I needed..
Il mondo di Enzo - ilmondodienzo.blogspot.com
  I am hurled to the earth years ago and I have beaten his head violently and immediately I felt alien to everything. Since then I have lived alien and I keep a diary in which rattle tales of a complicated human being who thinks they are alien. I like to print my blog that's a real book!
Io sono... - iosonoquesto.blogspot.com
  I love to think about life and myself and so I started writing a blog. But in addition to digital, I love the paper and its smell, I love the ink and printed letters. And that is why I use FeedToBook.com to convert my blog into a book and when I want to savor my words.

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