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Frequently ASked Question about FeedToBook.com
If you have any questions, you can try to find answers here
  Curiosity is the mother of knowledge. So if you want to know something specific about FeedToBook, and can not find the answer you are interested below, contact me by writing me an e-mail using the "Contacts" apposite page.
Here are some questions that have been made.
  • What type of Url I can submit to FeedToBook?
  •   You can submit any URL linked to an RSS feed. For example, you can submit something like "tangalor.blogspot.com", "sethgodin.typepad.com", "www.efficacemente.com", "www.etnatracking.com", "www.lifelabcoaching.com", "www.ideepercomputeredinternet.com", "www.energiacreativa.org". You can also submit to FeedToBook.com a FeedBurner RSS URL (something like this) or any other feed RSS URL corrrectly formatted.
  • I submitted an RSS Feed but I don't see the full article in the PDF: why?
  •   It's probably that the Feed RSS address you inserted, it's configured to return only a part of each article. If you are the administrator of this blog/feed RSS, you have to set your feed RSS to return entire articles.
  • How does mean when FeedToBook.com show the message "Exceeded the maximum time limit"?
  •   FeedToBook.com shows this message when the URL you have submitted exceeds the limit of data that can be processed. Is very likely that the Rss Feeds you have submitted is too heavy as KB and that you can not process it within a maximum time limit.

    If possible, it is advisable to remove images or data from the feed, so that it becomes more lightweight and can be hysteresis converted properly.
  • With FeedToBook.com users can print a book of all my blog without my previous consent?
  •   You can do it. But on every page of the generated PDF book, it's reported the URL of the original source and therefore of your blog. So don't be afraid: they can only print on paper your RSS Feeds, what you're already sharing freely on the web, and you will not lose property or rights over your writings. For you, may be a new opportunity to circulate what you write and get from it more and more readers.
  • FeedToBook.com is free usage?
  •   No, it's not free. If you want to use it, you have to offer me a coffee. Nothing else, just a coffee.
  • How can I offer you the coffee?
  •   During the process will be shown you some apposite page: you can offer me coffee through PayPal or with any form of payment consistent with PayPal.
  • FeedToBook.com is in collaboration with other sites?
  •   No, FeedToBook.com is not officially connected with other sites such as "Lulu", "Blogger", "FedBurner", "Wordpress", "PayPal". Each of these sites, and all those mentioned in FeedToBook.com are independent and belong to their respective owners, without any special agreement with FeedToBook.com.
  • How does FeedToBook.com works?
  •   FeedToBook.com is a free customization of the code "PDF Newspaper (version 2.3 beta)" written by Keyvan Minoukadeh and downloadable from FiveFilters.org.

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