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What can you do with FeedToBook.com?
It's pretty simple, but it's pretty util. If you need it.
Transform your Blogger.com blog or those of your friends in a PDF book
  Yes, writing it's fantastic, and reread what you wrote is really fun! You can give your blog in the form of paper book to your friends: couldn't be a good gift?
Convert your Wordpress blog or those of your friends in a PDF book
  Many friends write interesting blogs: but really have you read all their post? You can print them on paper and read them when you are in train or in metro, why not?
Convert in a PDF Book every blog and sites who have a "FeedBurner.com Feed RSS" available
  Is there a site that publishes articles about nice places to visit in your country or the country where you're going to make your next trip? Print your travel guide homemade and passes a good holiday.
Print in a PDF your shared items or those of your friends
  My friends often share interesting business articles found in many sites: it could be interesting printing all articles and keep them on the desk. So you can read it when you need to do. And if you don't finish in office, you can finish to read during the trip back home.
Convert any feed RSS in a PDF book
  Yes, you can convert any feed RSS in a PDF book without limitations! It's really simple to transform your digital interests in a fantastic paper book, only at the cost of a coffe.

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